Welcome to the new Ruralinfo.net knowledgebase.

I have reworked everything from the ground up.  I’ve gone through broken links and pages and reworked everything on the site.  I went through the daunting task of reviewing over 500 files on this website and uploading them to easier be found in search. I think the end result is a faster, cleaner knowledgebase that enables you to find what you need even faster than before. So here are a few FAQ about the changes and how to use the new features.  As always thank you for using what I build and finding it useful.  In the end, all I ever wanted to do was help rural carriers and I hope I have achieved my goal.  Thank you

What is the dashboard?

The dashboard shows your download history and lets you save articles you want to keep in a list to reference in the future. You have your own page with all of your own saved links and your download history.

How do I print a document?

Great question. This is a little different than the previous knowledgebase. Just hover over the document and you will see a little black square with an arrow on it on the top right of the document. Just click on that and it opens to a page where you can print it.

How do I get notified when you post something new?

At the top of every page on this site is a row of buttons – Facebook, Twitter, Email and Subscribe. Just click on that subscribe button and add your info. Then you will be notified of anything new added to the site.

How do I search?

The website now has a live search which will cycle through the available documents in quick time. From the front page, above the big document table you will see a search box. Try it and see how snappy it is 😉